Pirate Themed Accessories

Treasure Map

Arrggh!! Where’s me treasure? With this map, now you know. Simple

Pirate Costume

Really get into the pirate spirit with this Caribbean pirate outfit

Treasure Chest

Every pirate needs some place to keep their gold!

Jolly Roger

Let everyone you come across know you mean business with this Jolly Roger pirate flag.

Pirate Ship Wheel

Why have a boat if you can’t turn it the way you need to go?


Spot you next victim from anywhere, even if they are on the high seas.

Treasure Coins

What is a pirate without therr booty! If only gold really was this cheap.

Pirate sign

A pirate sign decorative piece to help set the mood.

Ship Net

Lay out a net to really get the setting to scream piiiiratee. Arrgh!

Ship Anchor

And exactly how do you know this playhouse is supposed to be a pirate ship? If the anchor isn’t a dead give away, you’re walkin der plank!