Girl’s Only Clubhouse Accessories

Kitchen Set

Bake up some fun with this kitchen set for your playhouse!



Picnic Set

Having a picnic with friends is something everyone should do now and then. Now to bake some cookies!




Who doesn’t want to look like a princess in their own clubhouse?






Includes a crib, cupboard and storage shelf for hardcore diaper changing action!



Wand & Tiara Set

Make their imaginations come to life with this wand and tiara set.




Art Easel

Support the arts, start them young I say. Plus it’s fun!



Toy Box

Don’t let that new playhouse turn into another storage shed, get this girls only toy box for all her valuables.




Beanbag Chair

Beanbag chairs are a lot of fun. Put one in her clubhouse today!



Girl’s Swing

Swings are a playground classic. Perfect for the young girl who just got her first clubhouse.



Book Rack

Every young woman needs a place to keep her books. This book rack fits the nitche perfectly!



Art Desk

Get them off the computer, tv or cell and allow them to be creative with this art table.





Perfect for larger clubhouses that have a bed.




This cookware set will help feed her imagination, making playtime come to life.




Princess Coupe

Even when you’re young, you still need a way to get around. Allow her to get there in Little Tikes style.