Plans for your kid’s Clubhouse

Free and low cost kids clubhouse plans & step-by-step directions

There are a lot of clubhouse, treehouse and playhouse plans floating around the internet and scrounging through it all can take several hours to find what you’re really looking for. Luckily we have taken the effort to give you the most relevant content that you seek right here.

If you’re not seeing exactly what you want, go to our building it yourself page for helping with the basics and flushing out your idea into something you can build yourself. Make sure you also have the proper tools before beginning your project.

Free Clubhouse Plans:Kid’s Playhouse blueprints at no charge

This website offers both free and low cost playhouse plans. The pay for plans are some of the coolest I’ve seen on-line while the free ones are simple but straightforward and fun as well. Check them out!

Ron Hazelton is a handy man who really knows his stuff. Here, he gives numerous video steps to building a kids playhouse.

This site gives you blueprints, a cut list and directions for building a girl’s cottage.

Here’s another great site for building a fort. With a very simple design, this is perfect for those who don’t want to get too adventurous but still want to build their kids something cool.

Here’s another easy build for younger kids to enjoy. The only problem with this is that kids will outgrow it very quickly.

A castle clubhouse from popular science magazine. This clubhouse breaks the standard mold giving your kids something unique. A lot of fun if you’re up for the challenge.

Clubhouses don’t have to always take the standard shed/playhouse type of route. This site gives you 3 different types of neat forts you can build for your kids.

Low Cost Clubhouse PlansCheap plans for a kid’s playhouse

Offers 3 types of children’s clubhouses. The playhouses are large but simple in design so your kids won’t grow out of them too fast and won’t be too hard to construct.

Rockler offers one single playhouse plan that most determined homeowners could build themselves. Plan includes a swing, slide and porch.

Because this site offers both types of plans, they will again be mentioned here.

This site offers many styles of clubhouse plans for both kids and adults alike. They’re not too elaborate but might be more than a handful for a novice carpenter.

This site offers a wide variety of playhouse plans for you to purchase, though most would take two pros a few days to construct.