Camping Themed Accessories

Scouts Honor!

Sleeping Bag

Stay warm when the outside weather is cold in this kid’s sleeping bag

Camping Gear

What’s a camper without the essentials? Makes for great fun pretend play.


Be able to communicate with other campers with this handy walkie-talkie set!

Camping Lantern

Being able to see can be nice. Make sure of it with this durable, LED camping lantern.


Traveling in the 21st century is now a bit anti-climatic with the advent of GPSs but there’s nothing like using your wits and a compass to find home.


Binoculars are a lot of fun for kids and can be used for all sorts of activities.

Simple Wrist Watch

Keep track of time even when out in the wild with no cell-phone service. Wait, why did you build a clubhouse out there?

Camp Fire

Not a real camp fire. Great for indoor clubhouses and keeping your home from burning down.