Step Two: The Walls

Building the walls for a clubhouse is exactly the same process as building the walls for a house. If your children are less than 6 years of age, the walls need only be about 4 feet high. If they are 8 or more, having a 5 or 6 foot high wall will be more appropriate.

A bottom plate and 2 top plates gives you 4.5 inches. Make sure to subtract that from the studs so that the final wall isn’t higher than you want. Using 2×3 or 2x4s are both fine for a clubhouse. Use headers, king studs and jack studs as pictured to properly give support for the roof weight. If you want to have a “shed” roof type, make one of the walls a foot or so high than the others. Using both screws or nails for building walls is fine though using an impact driver makes the process much easier.

Always start with the top and bottom plate flush against each other when marking the stud placements. Mark the two sides of the windows and door on both plates. Windows have on their packaging what the rough opening should be. Like the floor joists, studs should be spaced 16″ apart from each other. Don’t forget to subtract 7 inches from the perpendicular walls when using 2x4s so that they’ll fit inside. After the walls are built and installed, you can add the 2nd top plate. Make sure it over laps the lower top plate the opposite way to lock in the walls as pictured.