There are literally hundreds of clubhouse and playhouse builders in the United States alone, all competing for your attention and business. Many of these craftsmen start their pricing at the three thousand dollar or higher mark, but what you’ll receive in turn is a fine, handmade, custom clubhouse you yourself would want to move into. You can even find an exhaustive list of professional treehouse builders for those allergic to ground level play. The compiled list is the best of the best clubhouse builders. Let the clubhouse extravaganza begin!

Custom Clubhouses Below $2000 – Moderate kid’s custom playhouses

Kids crooked

Located in Orlando, this playhouse company offers one of the most unique designs in the kids house market. Prices start around $1500.

Home place

This Pennsylvania playhouse company offers a variety of fine clubhouses starting around $1800.

Folk art

This fun Sherman Oaks, CA company offers a dynamic scale of cheap to elaborate playhouses your kids will love. Prices start as low as $1200.

Custom Clubhouses Between $2000-5000 – Nice kid’s custom playhouses

Story book

An Austin based clubhouse company that have 3 models to choose from. Prices start at $2,650

Dfw back yard

With prices that start about $3000, this Coppell, TX based playhouse company offers many different models and is an active member of it’s local community.

Out on a limb

A family owned, Grand Haven, MI clubhouse company with pricing starting around $3000. Willing to work with design ideas.


A luxury playhouse company that offers 10 models to choose from. Located in western Pennsylvania, this company offers clubhouses starting in the $4000 range.


There is no denying who built a kids house when the Barbara Butler team were behind it. This company offers very unique clubhouses and tree houses no kid could resist. Prices start around $4000.

This Philadelphia, PA based company specializes in building treehouses. Pricing starts around $4,000.


Custom Clubhouses Over $5000 – Exotic kid’s custom playhouses


This Saint Paul, Minnesota company builds many detailed commercial and residential playhouses.


Home of the Amish in Lancaster, PA, this company offers many types of backyard goods kids and adults can enjoy. Playhouses start at $5,500.